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Honeymoon in Bali

September 30, 2020

Bali was the last place I would have ever thought we would spend our Honeymoon because in December 2018 we went to Thailand for Holiday...so obviously with the Holiday expenses and the Wedding Expenses I wouldn’t imagine going abroad again…so if you are wondering why I was thinking like this? Feel free to read Travel Journal: Introduction and My Thoughts

Our Wedding Rings Stacked on top of our South African Passport


I left the Honeymoon planning in Hubby’s hands, as he wanted this job…and obviously, he had other plans than what I had in mind – which was that we go somewhere Local or even just over the South African Border as we already had our Passports ready from the previous year. And I would have still been happy with going to Namibia…I have never been, and really want to go… #bucketlist

Funny enough…Hubby knew this and kept this in mind all the time. When I asked what to pack for the Honeymoon he said “Pack short clothes and long clothes – as it gets very hot during the day and cold during the night, pack summer shoes and sneakers, and pack your bikini”

Yes! Of course, I couldn’t leave it there and my head started running “We are going to Namibia!…right?” but NO! Hubby surprised me the morning of when we were scheduled to leave for our Honeymoon that WE ARE GOING TO BALI! SURPRISE!! I was ecstatic.

Hubby and I holding up our South African Passports in Singapore Changi Airport

The Honeymoon in Bali Kicked Off.

The Honeymoon in Bali Kicked off with a long flight of 10h and 30m to Singapore where we had our stopover. Hubby was decent enough to plan the stopover so that we can explore Singapore for a while before we had to get onto the next flight. I was very excited about this because not only am I seeing Bali on this trip but also Singapore!

Singapore was an experience on its own for us, so much so that we would love to plan a trip where we can spend at least a few days in Singapore alone. It was super clean and the way the city worked was a lot different than how it works back home… This was also the first time I took a train like the one from the Changi Airport MRT Station.

We went and had a quick lunch, took a few photos of the sightings we managed to see, and headed back to the airport to spend some time in the Slow Lounge, as we waited for our next Flight.

Travel Tip: Have a Singapore Sling Cocktail on the flight to and from Singapore… it is a must!

Singapore Sling Cocktail

The Honeymoon in Bali finally started.

The Honeymoon in Bali finally started after a flight of about 6h and 30 min to Denpasar, Bali from Singapore, Changi Airport.

When we arrived in Bali, we couldn’t wait to get the holiday started as newlyweds. Super in love and super excited! We took a taxi service to the Aston Kuto Hotel where we stayed for the entire trip.

As soon as we were settled in and our bags were packed out we headed out into the streets and had a few beers – I had a Prost Beer and Hubby had the famous Bintang Beer which is now his favorite beer – at the first restaurant, we could find. What a refreshment after the long trip to get to Bali!

Travel Tip: Make sure your hotel serves Breakfast because if you have a good breakfast before you head out, you won’t need to snack too often…and it will do your budget good. #budgetconcious

The Streets of Bali.

The streets of Bali were all too familiar since we’ve been to Thailand before, and we had quite a similar feel to the streets there. But even though we had the same feeling…it was different still. Read all about my opinion on Thailand vs. Bali for Holiday in a near-future post.

We enjoyed walking through the Bali streets, getting familiar with our surroundings, and seeing where everything that we might need during the trip, is, for example, the ATM for cash withdrawals, the “Mini Mart” shops where we will be able to get all the necessities such as coffee, sugar, tea, and all that jazz.

On day one, we decided on hiring a scooter for our entire trip, as we did the same in Thailand and it worked wonders for us, allowing us to explore, as far, as wide, as long, and as short as we liked, because we weren’t under the tight schedules that day trips, or excursions could be when you book it together with a whole group. Don’t get me wrong, these trips have their days as well, as we did a few on our Bali trip as well.

Scooter Hiring at Sewa Motor is affordable and makes your trip memorable.

Seeing Bali from a Scooter.

We booked our scooter and named her “Elizabeth the 2nd” as the one in Thailand was “Elizabeth the 1st”. Just a fun twist hubby and I threw in on our trips. It makes the trips priceless. We went for drives and explored Bali around us and had a blast. We also enjoyed a couple of refreshing drinks on Main Beach, Kuta Beach that was about 14 min drive from the hotel.

At one point our Online Maps didn’t want to work anymore, and we got a bit lost in the streets of Bali. To be honest, there is no better way to get lost than to get lost in the streets of Bali on a Scooter. This is what makes these trips so memorable!

The great thing about being as mobile as we were with the scooter is that you can explore and find the best restaurants and cocktail bars to quickly stop at for a cocktail or a beer. And let me tell ya’ the cocktails in Bali isn’t just strong, but they are out of this world and delicious!

Travel Tip: Hire a Scooter in Bali. You will not regret it! Trust us.

Refreshments on main beach, Kuta Beach.

The Resort up the Road.

As Hubby and I explored the surroundings around our hotel, we came across a Resort up the road that allowed people to enjoy their pool and restaurant even though you didn’t stay there, and we made good use of this! We even had one of our adventurous, newlywed, bucket list sessions at this resort if you know what I mean (wink, wink) One that we certainly will NEVER forget!

Anyway, moving on…

Mr and Mrs Robinson was the phrase of the trip.

Mr. and Mrs. Robinson was certainly the phrase of the trip, not only because it was our Honeymoon, but because we ended up being the Couple that stayed for the longest period of time in the Aston Kuta Hotel and this resulted in ALL the staff greeting us with “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Robinson” every time they saw us. They certainly made us feel welcome and very special! They took care of us as we never experienced before, anywhere else! What a way to celebrate Mr. and Mrs. Robinson!?

Hubby and I sipping cocktails at the Aston Kuta Hotel Pool Bar.

The Friend at the Resort up the Road.

So, the friend at the Resort up the road was a result of us making good use of the Resort’s generosity. We made acquaintances with one of the waiters at the resort, who also – apparently – do private day trips for a lower price where he takes you to all the sightings you want to see that we could fit in one day. And obviously, hubby and I thought this well. So we booked him. Well… even though we could get to everything we planned for the day, not only did it take him longer to get us to each destination as we would think or hope a proper Day Trip Company would, but he also drove like a local…so we were frightened for our lives every time we went to the next Destination. However, even though we didn’t enjoy the drive as much as we could, we still got to see all the attractions that we wanted to and spend as much time there as we wanted to. And again, it made the trip even more adventurous and memorable!

Travel Tip: Do not book a local that offers day trips, not because they aren’t trust worthy, but because you are in for a bumby ride – literally and figuratively.

Do pay a bit more and book a proper Day Trip Company that specializes in these tourist adventures.

Activities we enjoyed on our Honeymoon in Bali

With that said, for our next day trip on the trip we decided to rather book a Proper Day Trip Guide, and it was worth the extra pennies. Activities we enjoyed on our Honeymoon in Bali, will follow:

  • A trick Museum
  • Enjoying scooter drives to the Local Beaches, and spending hours at the destination
  • Exploring Local Foods and Restaurants
  • Enjoying loads of Cocktails at various bars
  • Macarena Dancing with Restaurant Waiters
  • Walking through a Silver Museum where they handcraft beautiful silver pieces. I even got a Silver Charm of the National Flower: a Frangipani. I adore this tiny, intricate, handmade charm so!
  • Short Hiking to the Tegenungan Waterfall
  • Walking through the Monkey Forest in Ubud
  • Enjoying the senary of one of the Rice Fields in Ubud
  • Getting risky with an adventure swing and enjoying a delicious lunch at d’Alas Warung Restaurant
  • Touring through the Pura Tirta Empul Tempel
  • Seeing the Holy Spring Pool in Tirta Empul
  • We also managed to see the Lempuyang Temple – a.k.a Gate Of Heaven
  • On the Kuta Beach w treated ourselves to surfing lessons on Kuta Beach. What a rip!
  • We visited a Luwak Farm where we certainly enjoyed a cuppa’ Luwak [Poo] Coffee. May I add that it was damn good? Who would have thought…We even bought some for back home!
  • And we enjoyed a scooter drive to Nusa Dua where we enjoyed some Water Sports and a great lunch on the way back to Kuta
  • And last but definitely not the least, we enjoyed a Date Night Dinner at Samudera All Day Dining Restaurant worth Rp 1,010,000
  • This is just among all the mini adventures that we got to enjoy on our Honeymoon.
Holy Spring Pool in Pura Tirta Empul Tempel

Last key points of our Honeymoon in Bali.

Bali was definitely the best destination for our Honeymoon. We enjoy adventurous holidays and we enjoy learning more about foreign countries and their cultures. We are the ones that pay less for the room and more on excursions. The Balinese people are friendly and certainly made our stay worthwhile. And we will most definitely head back as soon as we can!

Bali: Definitely recommended!

One of “Elizabeth the 2nd” on our Road Trips

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