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Dalgona Coffee a.k.a Whipped Coffee

April 6, 2020

So, I have come across this new trend of Dalgona Coffee also known as whipped coffee, on the social platforms and I immediately knew that I wanted to try this out. We had all the ingredients and it is a quick and easy recipe. So guess what Hubby had to taste test…?

Ingredients of the Dalgona Coffee

  • Instant Coffee – Your choice of coffee
  • Sugar
  • Water- I added 3 tablespoons as I cook with gut feel, and that is what I felt like doing – ha ha!


Ice Cubes – As the trend says…I skipped the ice cubes as I do not like ice in milk but feel free to give it a try.

How to

Mix 2 tablespoons Instant Coffee, 2 table spoons Sugar and 2 tablespoons Water in a small bowl. Whisk the ingredients together using a milk frother or a whisk. I started mixing with our milk frother, but eventually grabbed the hand whisk as it was more effective in my opinion. Whisk until the mixture becomes fluffy and smooth and a light brown in color.

When the mixture is whipped properly, pour a glass of Milk this is where you will add the Ice cubes if you prefer, into the milk. Scoop the fluffy goodness carefully into the glass so it sits on top of the milk and serve. Enjoy!

Dalgona Coffee Layered in a Rose Gold Glass
Layered Dalgona Coffee with Sugar

My take on the Dalgona Coffee

As the drink was a bit too sweet for me – I drink my coffee without sugar normally – I thought to try the same recipe and method without sugar. It worked well enough so the milk and coffee mixture could be separated. However, the mixture immediately started to mix into the milk by itself as soon as I was done scooping it into the glass.

It was a nice strong, cold coffee drink which I enjoyed very much. I would try this recipe again, and maybe even try different variations of it.

Dalgona Coffee Layered in a Rose Gold Glass No Sugar
Dalgona Coffee No Sugar

What do YOU think? Have you tried this recipe before? Would you try this drink again? Show us your creations of the Dalgona Coffee trend. #dalgonacoffee

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