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Earrings: Organised and Ready to Wear

April 1, 2020

Today I am focusing on explaining my method of getting my Jewelry Organised and Ready to wear: The Earrings edition.

I have quite a collection of earrings – BEAUTIFUL Earrings, may I add? – but I haven’t had the opportunity to organise and wear them in the last couple of years for various reasons. They always moved with me but ended up in a box in the cupboard or somewhere in my drawers because I didn’t have the space to put them in easy reach. However, when I worked at the Equine Centres, I didn’t have the opportunity to wear it as I wore riding cloths most of the time. And never really went out because it was a 24-hour responsibility job and the times I had off, I was tired and wore pj’s most of the time…AND wearing Jewelry around horses is a bad bad idea!

Finally, when we moved to our new home, I had the opportunity to organise all my drawers and cupboards and took the opportunity to organise my Jewelry.

How I got my Earrings Organised and Ready to Wear

What do you need?

  • A4 160 gsm Paper Boards – I chose black because it looks neat and will stay clean for longer
  • Scissors
  • Ruler – Or tape measure if you prefer
  • Pencil
  • Jewelry Box of your ChoiceSquare or Rectangular if possible, and make sure it is big enough for your collection
  • Earring Collection



Measure the breadth and width of the Jewelry box’s inside with the ruler or a tape measure. Now measure the size out with a ruler and a pencil on the 160-gsm paper boards. Cut out the square/rectangle paper board pieces with the scissors and see if the pieces fits into the Jewelry box. If it does, Great! If not, trim the edges so it fits perfectly. Cut out as many pieces as necessary to fit your whole collection on the paper board piece(s).


Get your earring collection, organise and lay the pairs together on the table. Use a pin or small sharp object to make holes in the paper boards. Analyse your collection and decide how you want to organise and arrange the earrings. I tried to keep studs with studs and hoops with hoops and so on…

Punch holes

Punch small holes in the cut-out paper boards with the sharp object you chose. Make sure the holes are big enough so that the earrings can go through easily but not too big that the earrings fall through. Also, watch out not to prick yourself with the sharp end as I did it a couple of times…it wasn’t ideal…ha ha!

Try to make two holes closer to each other for a pair of earrings and make the next pair of holes about 1 cm away from the previous pair. This way it will look neat and organised with the pairs of earrings together. Make sure that the holes for the bigger studs are apart enough to fit the studs in next to each other.

Insert and arrange earrings

After the holes are made you can start inserting the earrings. Remove the earring back, push the earring through the holeas if through your ear – and replace the earring back again. This way the earring will be held in place and will not slip out. Do this with all the earrings and you can arrange them as you like.

Put Away

After you inserted your whole collection you can now carefully place the paper boards, on top of each other in the Jewelry box you chose. Close the Jewelry box and put it on your station where you get ready.

Voila! Your earrings are Organised and Ready to Wear.

Ways to Organise and Arrange your earrings

  1. Small to Big
  2. Sort by Sort
  3. Color Coded
  4. Favorites on top
  5. Event Related

Now you can quickly and easily browse through your collection when you are getting ready and find the perfect earrings to match your outfit! No more “I’ll just wear the same pair everyday because the are close or easy to find!”. Complete your outfit properly. You bought those earrings for a reason!

What is your view on the above mentioned Organise and Ready to Wear: Earrings method? Are you organizing your earrings differently? Please share with us how your methods. We would love to see all the options!

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