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S.A Under Lock Down

March 30, 2020

What does S.A Under Lock Down actually mean? Well, apparently everyone has their own opinion on what “Lock Down” means… And with this in mind I thought that I would attempt to lighten the mood on the pandemic by chatting about “Lock Down”. I am sure everyone needs a bit of a breather from all the pandemic news and heart sore…

Sincere Condolences

First of all I would like to raise my SINCERE CONDOLENCES to all the victims of the COVID-19 Pandemic as well as to friends and families of these victims. I can only imagine the journey you all need to face daily. I pray that each and everyone of you will be healed, find rest and find hope! We are all in this together.

Have courage! He Heals!

The WHEN of Lock Down

So, S.A has been under lockdown for almost a week now. The Lock Down period was implemented from midnight on Thursday, 26 March 2020. I remember how I saw a post announcing that the President will speak to S.A , that Monday evening and I told hubby to connect the live stream so that we can see what is said. It is, after all, important to stay up to date in situations like these as not only certain people are affected but the whole world! Including South Africa…Our home.

I remember how the S.A conversations went in the weeks prior to the Lock Down period. Loads of conspiracies were thrown around, some people were negative about what the future holds, some were positive… Some people even joked about the Pandemic. It ain’t so funny when it hits home ey?

I must be honest, some of the jokes cracked me up… but I realized that people’s lives are directly affected by the pandemic and started to think to myself…Is it worth the laugh?

So, on the day that the President were scheduled to get S.A up to date with the situation, people started asking whether others think that a Lock Down will be set in place or not. And again, loads of conversations were thrown around in the hour prior to the President’s speech. So, what happened?

The WHY of the Lock Down

Just as some South Africans suspected, a Lock Down Period was announced. Now to me this makes completely sense. Based on my knowledge of caring for animals and having preventative measures in place to slow down or prevent the spread of diseases is what allows me to think this way.   To me it is an effective way to slow the spread of a disease down or even stop the spread sooner than later. Please remember, the whole post is my humble opinion, it is not a medical opinion or assumption in any way!

Now,the whole country panicked even more…You thought panic buying in the last couple of weeks was a thing, now watch how S.A reacts before the Lock Down starts…More on the panic in a bit

So, in my opinion I am all for the Lock Down as I truly think it is a wise decision…

The part I couldn’t understand of the Lock Down

In the same breath, I remember thinking… OKAY! Whoa…what now? To be honest, I wasn’t as bothered with the Pandemic as one would think…at first. However, I couldn’t wrap my head around how people reacted with the pandemic. From as early as beginning of March South Africans started panicking. Now this is the part I couldn’t understand…

Flocking in malls and shopping centres

I remember how shocked I was the week after schools were closed – earlier than it was supposed to, may I mention, so the start of the preventative measures were implemented – the mall and ALL the shopping centres close to us were flooded with people. I sawthis from passing by and seeing the parking lots are JAM PACKED. So, please clear this up…You panic, they close schools earlier and what do you do… you go straight to the places where you would be at higher risk to contract the virus???

Rows upon rows in the bulk centres – again, I saw this from videos and LIVE VIDEOS – and not even a meter apart from each other.  No one with masks, no one with gloves and no one sanitizing…!? All this madness, after the announcements were made that no more than 100 people are allowed on a premises, you should stay at least a few meters away from other people and you should wash your hands and sanitize….

Panic Buying

This was a world-wide dilemma and I am sure you also saw some of the videos on how crazy people went. Breaking into fights because the one wants to stock up as if it was the end of the world more than the other wants to stock up because…well, they are just hyped up to buy things that isn’t even necessary…Now, I cannot speak for other countries, but in S.A…WHAT WAS THE PANIC ON STOCKING UP TOILET PAPER?

I remember how people panicked and started asking around for loads and loads of masks, gloves and hand sanitizers. Suddenly everyone wants to keep their hands clean…well, I don’t know what ya’ll were doing before but I was raised to wash my hands often and daily…not JUST in a pandemic when a virus is making its rounds. I was a little bit disgusted to be honest. Why is washing hands not a regular thing in S.A???

During the panic some of the posts making their rounds on the Social Platforms by this time, contributed to my realisation that THIS IS NOT A JOKE! Photos of older people standing in empty grocery stores with only one cart with just a few necessary groceries…this was a heart sore. Well yeah, obviously some of these photos were staged but I can only imagine that this ACTUALLY happened… It just emphasises the sad go to of humanity. EVERYONE IS FOR THEMSELVES IN THIS WORLD.

Rows upon rows where there were no rows before

Never mind that it is obvious that you need to try and stay away from public spaces as much as possible – AND WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN – for your family’s and your own sake…Suddenly there are rows upon rows at shops where there were never a problem with rows before! What are y’all buying? Do you know something I don’t? I am pretty sure I am on the same page as society as I made a point to watch and follow the news on this pandemic…

The week prior to Lock Down

So, finally the announcement was made that S.A will undergo a national Lock Down. A 21 Self Quarantine period…The whole of South Africa has a few days to prepare for the Lock Down. You thought the above-mentioned panic was enough…well sorry! But no it’s not. This is how S.A rolls…

By this time the worry about the pandemic crept up to me. So, I started scheduling my errands for the few days before the Lock Down. See, when the Lock Down was announced, hubby and I immediately decided to make all the necessary rounds before the Lock Down, because when the clock strikes 00:00 on Thursday night we are going to stay home for the entire Lock Down period as much as possible. Because obviously the pandemic is serious enough to send a whole country home for 3 weeks on end…The last place you want to be is in any public space. The virus is here, the virus is close to home!

No! we didn’t go panic buying; we planned our schedule properly to be able to get to everything in time. We went to do our monthly grocery shopping a few days earlier, but it was kind of strange because we felt like people will think we are panic buying when in reality we are literally just doing groceries…After the grocery trip I had to go to the Doctor to renew my prescription and to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription.

During these few trips, I decided that I will go all out with sanitizing because…the shops ARE STILL JAM PACKED…Ghees! It just doesn’t make sense. There were loads of people at the pharmacy and I felt that it was necessary to stay a relative distance away from the other customers. After I was done at the pharmacy, I went straight back home…and we were under self-quarantine.

Still we aren’t panicking about whether we have enough food and necessities for the next 21 days, because it was mentioned that you can go to the shops for essentials. No need for panicking…What “essentials” mean to the rest of S.A during the Lock Down, I can’t say. But to me it means ESSENTIALS. If we need to go to the doctor for an emergency or so. Or to go and buy fresh fruit and veggies. Otherwise STAY AT HOME!

Luckily hubby and I thought rational and planned our groceries so that we have enough frozen veggies. The fruits we can eat again after the Lock Down… It is not a lifetime after all!

Sorry for the rant above…but it was an eye opener to me.

A few last thoughts on the Lock Down

Another point I want to make is that I was quite impressed by the amount of people that wanted to know if they are allowed to go walk their dogs or go for a run. Honestly, I didn’t know that South Africans were that active…WOW! (Sarcasm much…) Why not walk your dog or go for a run when there is NOT a deadly Virus making its rounds all over the world???

With all this happening I cannot help myself to think that nature will always tend to organise the chaos…Let that sink in, and if you don’t know what I mean by this…go have look at some photos taking of major cities during their quarantine period. See how nature flourishes again…

I would also like to take this opportunity to send a SHOUT OUT to all our essential employees of S.A that has to go to work and be at risk daily during the Lock Down period. From the cashiers to the Doctors. I thank you for your services and contribution in helping to slow down or even stop the spread of this deadly virus. I pray that God keeps His healing hand over you during this time of crisis!


If you are interested in how Hubby and I deal with a Lock Down, keep an eye out for my post on that. It’s quite fun…I must say!

And share with us, in the comme­­­nts, your opinion on the way people reacted during this pandemic.

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