Travel Journal: Back up your Photos!

November 22, 2019

I am about to share one of the most devastating moments in my life with you…

Have you ever been bombarded with comments like “REMEMBER to back up…” “have you backed up your data yet?” etc… I am sure you have. I know I have heard these phrases a couple of times.

We were planning our trip to Thailand during the year of 2018, and I couldn’t decide whether I want to take my Canon 1300D camera with on the trip or not…because it was my first time traveling abroad and I wanted to capture every moment. I was also busy with my Photography Short Course through College SA during 2018, and the final assignment included tasks of capturing various types of photographs and using various types of photography styles…and hey! This was the perfect opportunity to take a few awesome pics and use it as TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY in my assignment, as the assignment was due a month after my trip. How cool would this be?

I ended up deciding to take my smaller Samsung Camera, which could also take great photographs in high quality. I could use it, as I had to state in every section of the photography assignment which camera I used. I must say, I am happy I decided not to take the bigger Canon Camera as I wouldn’t have been able to carry it around with me everywhere and it probably would have damaged in some way with the humidity, sand or other various factors… The smaller compact camera was easier to carry around to all the attractions.

We arrive at the Big Buddha statue during one of our day trips and I thought “Here is my chance to capture some AMAZING (Travel) Photographs. I pulled out all the new photography skills I have learned in the course and, yes! I think I took quite a few AMAZING shots.

I went on with the holiday capturing great images left and right thinking I will have loads to choose from for my final photography assignment and I would have high definition memories with Hubby – Fiancé back then – that I would be able to print out and frame for our home.

We came home and I immediately load the photographs off the camera memory card onto my laptop – read carefully…my laptop, not my external hard drive… Mistake nr 1. And I decide to clear the camera memory card for in case I need the space again… Mistake nr 2. I worked my way through the images a few times because I was very proud of the images I captured, and it’s always nice to look through the photographs, and re-live the holiday.

Days went by where I would look through the images and carry on working – Not thinking once to BACK UP these photographs to my External Hard Drive!… Mistake nr 3. Until one day, my laptop started giving problems, as I ran big programmes on the small Lenovo that was not made for it, for work projects – I am very surprised that this small Lenovo kept working all those years, since I started studying in 2014… and with my impatience I restarted the laptop several times, typing passwords and whatever was needed with an extra attitude and sometimes not gentle at all…until the last round…and the laptop just decided NOT TO START UP AGAIN…

BOOM! MY HEART SANK! “I knew I should have followed my back up schedule to avoid loss of any of my work and Photographs!!!” I burst out into tears, knowing I have lost ALL the Thailand photographs that I took with the camera – luckily we took photos on our smartphones most of the trip – but still…all my photographs that I was so proud of taking was now not even 1s and 0s anymore. I even double checked the camera to see if I maybe, just maybe forgot to wipe out the photos from the memory card – No. I have not and it only says, “No Images”. This was devastating.

Having a few IT friends, I immediately asked if they could help me retrieve the data on the Laptop hard drive, but there was no luck either. I still have the Hard Drive to this day, because I just know that one day, I will stumble upon someone that would be able to retrieve the data in a way… I am hopeful.

So, please, please, please! BACK UP YOUR HOLIDAY PHOTOGRAPHS so that you do not make the same mistake I did.


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