Travel Journal: Introduction and My Thoughts

November 20, 2019

I would have never thought that I would have the opportunity ever to go overseas and experience the different cultures like I dreamt of from the moment I realized that this is actually possible… Maybe not possible for me at that time, but indeed possible.

When I was a lot younger, me, my sister and my 2 cousins were usually dropped off at Granny and Grand Pa’s Farm, around Bon Accord – Gauteng Area, to spend holidays at. We can, to this day sit for hours and speak about all the things we did on the farm. #farmlife It was a BLAST!

From when I was a little older, if I vaguely remember about 11, My family – Mom, Dad, Sister and Me – were always blessed with the opportunity to travel S.A and once over the boarder to Mozambique during Decembers. Easter weekends we usually spent at my Grand Ma and Grand Pa on the farm and then the Free state, Lindley when they moved there. #roadtrip

Dad always kept his leave at work for December Holidays which gave us the opportunity to plan the greatest family holidays ever. So much so, that we had the opportunity to go somewhere every December. And I thank my parents for that.

It was the trip we had to Mozambique in 2006 where I picked up the travel bug! I was very interested in the different cultures and ways of the people there… One strong point was the currency difference… I mean WOW! To realize that just over the boarder…it was a different world. MIND BLOWN! And here I realized that I wanted to travel the world…still a dream in the back of my mind then, but I wanted it!

So, I started to do research and see what people, often travelling, were talking about. And obviously we saw all the different landmarks and world interests on the T.V when watching movies. And even through stories told by friends who were blessed to travel overseas back then. And BOOM! My bucket list changed dramatically from playing in cow poo on the farm and riding horseback on the beach, any beach, when I was a little girl to riding horseback on the beach abroad and see the BIG BEN in London!!!…

However, this was still JUST a bucket list and dreams of a little girl back then…who knew? Maybe one day I would be blessed enough to get these ticked off my bucket list. Now, now, I have not ticked these off my bucket list yet, and still planning on doing this. But as the years went past, I got to tick off some other bucket list adventures…and I even got the chance to see Thailand and Bali in a matter of a year, both with Hubby! – as these are the top destinations that fall in a South African Traveler’s Budget. I will most definitely share my experiences with you soon…

It is a matter of fact that you have to MAKE IT work for you if you really want to. It is your Story, how is it going to go…? #theworldisyouroyster


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