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Hosting New Year’s Eve at our House

January 6, 2020

After deciding, impulsively, that we want to host New Years Eve at our own place, we decided to pull out a few tricks. And it was great!

We created a Whats App group and added all our friends that we would like to host while leaving 2019 behind. I designed and sent out a short and sweet invitation just before Christmas. I thought this would at least give everyone a heads up of the event and we waited for responses… Naturally, most of the group was still on holiday. We ended up with just a few of our friends that night. A few of our dearest friends I must add.

When 31 December 2019 came along, I decided to give the house a good and overdue cleaning. I like hosting friends and family in a clean and neat place. Don’t worry! I had fun doing this as I played some good music while cleaning. During the cleaning session I suddenly had the idea to make a great appetizer for the guests. It was going to be a long night and I didn’t want them to step into 2020 hungry…

So, after I cleaned the house, I went and grabbed a few of my Recipe Magazines. I started looking for a great idea and, BOOM! I got it. Read about the appetizer here.. I went off to the closest PnP and got all the necessary goodies and a few extras.

I came home and prepared everything so that I can make the appetizer just before the guests arrived. This way I could serve it fresh and hot. And I must say, this was a winner. They loved it! Curious about the recipe? See it here.

I even got myself some nice produce for my Gin. I thank PnP for their great Berry selection and their prepacked “Citrus for Gin” fruit pack. It included a few Lemons, Limes and a big Grapefruit. And of course, I got a pack of Rosemary as well – This can have a dual purpose, for Gin and Food ha-ha. What more do I need to step into 2020 with??? This and my new years kiss from Hubby. Nothing else, I tell ya! See the Cocktail Images here and here.

The guests arrived and my preparation for the appetizer was all done, so i could just serve it. I grabbed my Gin and went out to enjoy the company of Hubby and some dear friends. We made the evening a “Bring and Braai” so we started a fire, and everyone made their own dinner. This is always a winner – Hey! That rhymed… And Braai is a big deal in South Africa, believe me!

Later in the evening, Hubby had a great idea of us all playing some ‘Pictionary’ – it is like ‘charades’ but you draw and they guess. We played this a few times at different events in the last couple of months and we had so much fun every time. Everyone played the game and we laughed the night away. A half an hour before 00:00 we put the game away and we all chatted and started the countdown to the big “Hooray! when the clock did.

Midnight came and we had all our “Happy New Year!” and “New Year Kisses” moments. After all the celebration we got back to chatting the night away. We were all in bed and ready for the new year at around 2 am.

What a night! I am happy we had the sudden plan to host it by us, and I would most definitely like to do it again. Next time I will send out the invitation earlier and I will pull out some more foodie tricks. Excited Much!?

Happy new year and may your 2020 be full of blessings, dear friends and dear memories!

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