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Resolutions or No Resolutions?

January 29, 2020




  1. 1.a firm decision to do or not to do something.”she kept her resolution not to see Anne any more” synonyms:intention, resolve, decision, intent, aim, aspiration, design, purpose, object, plan

  1. 2.the quality of being determined or resolute.”he handled the last British actions of the war with resolution” synonyms:determination,purpose,purposefulness, resolve,resoluteness,single-mindedness, strength of will, strength of character, will power, firmness, firmness of purpose, fixity of purpose, intentness, decision

We all know the ‘oh so favorite question’ on resolutions, every year end…

We all know the feeling at the end of every year where we are bombarded with the question “What is your New Year Resolutions?” And for some reason we feel pressure to answer. And IF you answer people tend to make jokes about it or remind you Every. Time. You. Don’t. do. It. It can be frustrating.

I didn’t really set any resolutions for 2019 because there was just so much happening in the year that I didn’t think I would have time or be able to keep myself to my resolutions…and I am glad I made that decision because boy! Was it a busy year…

So, resolutions or no resolutions?

Now, I must be honest…the years doesn’t get quieter so at some point we must decide what the plan is forward. So, for this year I have a few personal resolutions and I think I am getting into these habits slowly but surely. I would love to go all in an as quick as I can

One of my resolutions is the old fashioned “I need to exercise more and be healthier…” but I didn’t decide this for anyone else but me. I had a gym membership, but I know that they made quite a lot of money out of me in months that I just didn’t bother going to the gym. You would think…” I pay for it, so I have to do it!” … Yeah, No, it doesn’t work that way. I have had the membership for three years straight and I don’t even miss the amount I pay monthly, because I am used to not have it. Sad but true and definitely NOT moneywisedon’t do it!

So, this year I decided to cancel the membership for a few months and see if I really want to apply for one again and do so if necessary. But I will have to be all in before I go ahead with this plan. #thinkmoney.

On the other hand, I found a free fit club in my community where we get together and exercise twice a week – yes, it is not quite enough for my goals, but it is a place to start. And I redirected my Get Fit resolution to see these meetings through every week if possible. You see, if I get myself committed enough to go to Fit Club twice a week and establish a new habit, I would easily be able to add a few gym sessions per week to my schedule as well…  You guys, gym is NOT fun if you do not have an exercise buddy. I need that motivation. At least with the Fit Club we are a group and we all have the same goal. Be Fit and Healthy. And it is just so much better.

My advice to you – if you feel the same about gym as I do – is to see if you have a similar opportunity in your community or even start the sessions yourself and build a group from there.

The other half of the resolution is – Be healthier. Now again, I did not decide on this for anyone else but me because it is time to make this Mind Shift before it is too late! Besides, I feel so much better in general if I eat healthy. I don’t feel guilty, I am not drained of energy, I have a better mood all over and so on.

Hubby even said “Please keep it up. You are in such a good mood since you started with Fit Club.” And in all honesty I could see he really meant it from his heart because he doesn’t want me to be demotivated, or be in bad moods because he loves me and – the next statement was my own realization – he doesn’t get it all the time at home because I usually brought my bad moods home and suddenly he was in the fault all the time. This is not right. It is rather ‘Happy Life, Happy Wife’ not the other way around!

Now, to get back to my point, I am not on a diet, I am simply just eating healthy – the last week not so much but I am aiming to get into it as soon as possible again. This way I can still enjoy a nice take away or chocolate with hubby whenever I want? Why not?

So, I say YES! To resolutions… but you need to keep your sanity in your best interest when setting these resolutions. It gives you something to work towards. And that feeling after you have accomplished your goals is DEFINITELY worth the effort.

My overall opinion about Resolutions

I am not one to be placed in a box, and therefore I will not do it to myself. This year I decided I will take resolution by resolution. I will have small targets that I know I will be able to reach but not be lazy about it. I will also not share all my resolutions with everyone as it doesn’t concern them in any case. Some of my resolutions are even some of my bucket list items. How cool is that? (You will learn about them in the future…)

 It doesn’t help bombarding yourself with such sudden and different rules. Remember, if you are not determined to do anything you will simply not do it, or you will probably drop it halfway. First have a ‘mindset meeting’ with yourself and decide WHAT DO YOU WANT?  Be kind to yourself and be realistic otherwise you will become demotivated and it will end up in a downward spiral and eventually a give up! Mindset is a great part of decision making. After you are confident in your mindset and determination, plan your resolutions accordingly. Motivate yourself!

Your Resolutions Challenge

I think I am going to challenge you – my readers – to set a resolution or goal for each month of the year and focus on that goal per month. Start with February and work your way through 2020. Now, this is all personal goals okay? You can always add new goals as you go!You already have all your goals and due dates at work, I am sure… but make time for yourself. Personal Development is an important step to your Ultimate Goals and Ultimate Life.

If you feel you need motivation, feel free to chat about it in the comments or on the Facebook Page. We as wives are a community and we should support each other. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are! Good Luck Wives!!! AND REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN WITH THIS.

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