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Scrunch up or Fold…?

November 25, 2019

Do you scrunch up your Plastic Bags and throw it in another Plastic Bag to keep all the Plastic Bags in one place? Or do you at least fold your Plastic Bag into little ‘Samoosas’ and put them away? Have you even heard of this madness before???

This is what I do. I fold the Plastic Bags into little ‘Samoosas’ and throw it in a recycled box to keep all the Plastic Bag ‘Samoosas’ in one place… WOW! That is a mouth full…but it works for me.

Have you even seen these Plastic ‘Samoosa’ Folds before? Do you want to learn more about it? Well, read further.

  • I am all for recycling and most of the times, if I can carry the products I bought in my hands, I will not ask for a plastic bag. I also have material Shopping Bags which I purchased to reduce my plastic use even more – IF I remember to take the bags with when I go to the grocer... I normally prefer not to use plastic bags, but sometimes when my garbage bags run low at home, I will request the minimum number of plastic bags at the shop to re-use as garbage bags. Yes! I know this way these bags will end up in the trash in any case, but I keep it as low as possible. And if I know that the shop or grocer does not use 100% recycled plastic bags…I will not request the plastic bags a far as possible.

I re-use these plastic bags for various other reasons as well for example, if I need to take my mother’s Tupperware® I used back to her or if we go out and I know we will have trash and nowhere to throw it and so forth. There are many ways I re-use the plastic bags. So, yes, I am for recycling as far as possible!

So, because I keep the plastic bags for re-use, I need to put these bags away…scrunching them up and throwing it in the cupboard takes up way too much space and it doesn’t look neat. Okay, you can scrunch them up and put all the bags in one bag…but still, it takes up too much space. So, one day – I have no idea when and where anymore – I stumbled upon a neat way to fold and put the bags away. This technique is known as folding the bags into little ‘Samoosas’ and keeping them all in one place. Now, I have a box – also recycled – in the cupboard full of neatly folded Plastic ‘Samoosas’.

See how to fold the bags here: How to fold your Plastic Bags

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