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Strange Visits in the Night

January 24, 2020

Well, well hubby and I got a visit from a rather strange little guy..

So early last night Hubby and I where in the TV room watching our series when he noticed a strange looking thing walking across the kitchen floor – we thought it was a big insect at first… It moved quickly so we couldn’t see what is it was. When hubby went to go check it out, it was gone…

Okay. Maybe it went out the door?

Later that night we went to bed and I notice a thing flying from one room into the main bedroom… It looked like a big moth from where I was standing. So no worries!

03:00 am came and I was just about to turn around to sleep on my other side when I heard quite a loud flapping sound JUST ABOVE MY HEAD – as in inches above my head, as in against the wall almost underneath my pillow. 

The lights were off and I notice this thing, trying to see… Is this the big moth I saw earlier? In the mean time Hubby woke up from the sound  as well, saw it, and asked “What is that???” “I don’t know” I said – calmly, funny enough, still trying to make out the silhouette of the creature. Hubby jumped up to switch on the light as he HATES spiders and he thought it was a spider from where he could see.

So what was it?

Sure as the heaven… It was a small BAT! I freaked out because it is one of my biggest fears – getting a bat stuck in my hair... And it. was. right. there by my head… So I jump up, over the bed and went on my haunches on the side where Hubby sleeps, to stay out of its way while it flew in circles in the room…

What does hubby do? He goes and gets a tennis racket to hit the bat… This didn’t fly for me and I told him not to hurt the bat and he needs to get a towel so we can catch him and set him free – I have had quite a lot of practice with this technique back when I had birds that I tried to tame…

So, okay we get the towel, and by that time the bat was chilling behind Hubby’s night stand. We pulled the night stand away – carefully – from the wall. Hubby lowered the towel against the wall behind the bat and luckily we caught it.

I wanted to look at the bat and take some photos as it was tiny and cute – would fit in my hand size – but Hubby was afraid it bites him so he set the bat free outside.

After this expedition… How do we fall asleep again? I notice some strange things happening in this house the last few days and because we are moving in a weeks time I can’t help to think WHAT ELSE ARE WE GOING TO EXPERIENCE HERE… haha.

Hubby so kindly said… Funny we haven’t found a snake in the house yet?? Uhm… Okay. I say watch this space because I am sure we will… Soon!

Have you had experiences like this before? Tell us about it in the comments! 

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