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The First Meal Cooked.

March 18, 2020

Where does this meal come from?

So, I have always LOVED LOVED LOVED my mother’s way of cooking a Crispy Pork Chop Dinner. It was always spot on! Will I be able to make it this way one day? I used to think. Because I would love to, and I would probably eat it every day…

She used to get the Pork Chops seasoned to perfection and the fat crisped to perfection. Oh, I would die for a piece of Crispy Pork Chop fat! YUMM! And sometimes I would TRY to make the Pork Chops at home – when I used to live there – if my mother had to work late and I had to make dinner. But I never got it like she did… I tried several times but failed. I even asked her how she does it, and I would do it JUST.LIKE.THAT. but it didn’t taste as good as she got it…

No Pork Chop Dinner!?

When I moved to Cape Town in 2016, I couldn’t really make it because I used to eat dinner with my Mentor at that time, as I lived on the Stud where I did my practical year of my studies. I had a separate room where I stayed but it had only a microwave that I used sometimes for a ready-made dinner. But most of the times I went to the main house for dinner. Again…great food! So, I ain’t complaining ey!

I remember that I used to ask mom to make the Pork Chop dinner when I went to visit them. And she did, and it was AMAZING! Every time… It was a delicacy for me at this stage. Funny, one of the cheapest meats out there, yet a delicacy for me. (Hehe, Blush Face!) I really missed it if I couldn’t have it. It is my ultimate favorite dinner after all… So therefor I would order it from mom if I knew I would be there. This is just how I managed these cravings during 2016…

Pork Chop Dinners again. Yay!

When I finally moved back to Pretoria in 2017 – after my studies and before I started working again – I moved back to my Parents place. Wowzah! I can have the Pork Chop Dinner often again! Excited much!? I thought… and I did!

When I got a job at another Equestrian Centre I had to move into my own little cabin. Again, no oven…but we ended up buying a small Salton Mini Kitchen Oven with two hot plates on top. This was perfect for me, as I lived alone, and only needed this to cook dinner. This time I didn’t go to the main house for dinner every night.

But guess what? It had a grill! I was excited because finally I can practice those lovely Crispy Pork Chop Dinners as I used to have at home. I made this dinner often and had loads of trial and error. Remember, the first phase of cooking in a new oven is to get to know it well enough to start perfecting the dishes. It took me a while, but I finally got the hang of how this little oven works. So, I immediately started practicing my favourite dish. The Crispy Pork Chop Dinner like mom made it…

What does the Pork Chop Dinner consist of?

The dinner will consist of two pork chops with adequate fat – as the crispy fat is the cherry on top – baked veggies that I throw in the oven pan with the chops – this way the veggies grills and soaks up all the porky goodness as well – and rice with sauce. Nothing fancy, but my oh my! THIS is my favourite!

I would season the chops with lots of salt, especially over the fat, and a little bit of green herbs as well as a little bit of salt over the veggies. When the chops are in the oven, I bake it at 180°C for about 25 mins… In the meantime, I would make the rice and sauce as well. After about 25 mins I would turn the chops around for about 5 to 10 mins.

THEN comes the magic! After the 5 to 10 mins I would turn the chops around again, and switch on the grill of the oven. Leave it for about 5 mins and repeat on the other side. Now, this is how I made it as I like to cook by gutfeel.

Often, I was a little bit disappointed with the results as I couldn’t get it like mom used to… I would then tweak my seasoning and timing a little bit each time, until ONE day…FINALLY I GOT IT! And it was fantastic.

However, I couldn’t get it like that every time, but I never gave up. I still think mom makes it the best. I went to my parents for dinner once every one to two weeks, and sometimes I would request the Pork Chop Dinner again. Yummy!

Oh no! No CRISPY Pork Chop Dinners AGAIN!?

Now, when I finished working at the Equestrian Centre, it was the year when Hubby and I would get married, but I moved back to my parents again for a few months until after the wedding. So, once again I had my favorite dinner made by mommy often again.

The wedding came along, and I moved in with hubby. Oh no! I realized I had a gas oven and stove…NO GRILL! So, I ended up making the Pork Chop Dinner sometimes, but I couldn’t get it as we like it – Hubby loves a bit of crispy fat, but not too much, so I would end up eating his crispy pork fat as well… – because I couldn’t grill it. This was okay, because the weekly/biweekly dinners at my parents was still a thing, and I just waited for when mom made the dinner again…

Finally, Pork Chop Dinners whenever I want!

Fortunately, hubby and I bought our house and I was excited for the first dinner I could cook here, because I HAD MY VERY OWN PROPER OVEN AND GRILL!!! (In love Emoji Here) YES! You guessed it. My 1st Dinner I cooked in the oven in our home was the famous Crispy Pork Chop Dinner. It wasn’t perfect, but I plan on making it as often as I can, and I WILL perfect the dish. I will soon share my recipe with you as wel

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