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The Jewelry Moving Hacks I came across

March 28, 2020

It’s been a while since we moved but this jewelry moving hack was one that I truly wanted to try out and show off…

So we all know that moving jewelry can be a major headache because who has time to untangle them when you finally unpack?? Never mind the TIME…who has the PATIENCE? Not me… I can assure you that! – I know patience is key…and yes I am working on it. Working hard on it! He he.

How did I find jewelry moving in the past?

I have been moving quite a couple of times since the year 2016. Luckily the last time in 2020 was the last time for a long time coming! But every time I had to move all my jewelry with me...what a headache!

Not just with moving but also going on holidays. Because I pack some of my jewelry for in case there is an opportunity to dress up a little. But I must be honest. I regretted taking it with because EVERY TIME they get tangled and I end up trying to sort it out…loose patience…and eventually end up packing the jewelry (tangled) back into my suitcase, never wearing it. This sucks!

Can someone please explain to me why jewelry always get tangled, no matter what you do? Are they coming alive and throw parties in your suitcase when we are not watching? Because it sure seems like it. Can you relate?

Well, so I thought…

How to move jewelry and avoid them getting tangled?

So when we moved for the final time I thought of looking for hacks on how to pack my jewelry and avoid it getting tangled in the process.

I saw quite a few ideas, and some I couldn’t do because it would end up with me buying unnecessary supplies to make it happen…and all that for one move… No! This is not the way to go. Until one moment I came across this, what seemed to me, an amazing idea/hack. I remember I even thought to myself…“Why can’t I come up with these ideas? They are so simple and it just.makes.sense…”

So I tried the hack…

Jewelry moving hack that WORKS

So the hack involves your jewelry and a towel…You need to move your towels anyways so why not make use of them?


Step 1:

Find a towel broad enough to be able to hold your longest necklace and long enough to be able to place as much of your jewelry inside as possible. In my case I used 2 small Face towels as it was adequate for my jewelry.

Step 2:

Lay the towel flat on a level surface – in my case I used the bed.

Step 3:

Place your jewelry neatly and flat on the towel so the they lie in the breadth of the towel. Place the jewelry about 4 to 5 cm apart. Tip: Place smaller pieces in between the bigger pieces to save some space.

Step 4:

Start rolling the towel up from one end to the other, and keep the rolls as tight as possible. Watch out not to damage your jewelry. Ensure that there is only about one bigger piece, one big and one small piece or even 2 small pieces in a roll. This way, and this is the gold of this hack, you will avoid the pieces to get tangled!

Step 5:

Place the towel in a moving box maybe at the bottom or on top of the other goodies in the box. And make sure that the towel lies flat and cannot unroll during the move.

Obviously this box should be handled with care…So maybe you should carry it around. Wink-wink! Hubby wouldn’t know of your brilliant idea unless you tell him, and most of the times he will forget that you did this or even forget in which box the towels are.

And No! If you wright it on the box, he wouldn’t even read it. Just so you know… Remember, they are men and they do not care for fussing around, especially not during a move. You tell him where the box goes, and how he should carry it to avoid any breakage and he takes it there. This is how they operate and there is nothing wrong with it!


Step 1:

Carefully remove the rolled up towel from the box and place it on a flat surface again.

Step 2:

Carefully unroll the towel to reveal the jewelry still in tacked and UNTANGLED as you roll the whole towel down. Keep an eye on the jewelry at the open end of the roll as they could have maybe slipped out during the move unless you tied it up. I didn’t tie it up as it wasn’t necessary…

Step 3:

Hang up your jewelry and know that you DO NOT have to spend hours untangling the jewelry ever again! YAY!

Packing jewelry for holidays

This hack will not just work for moving them. Why not make use of it when going on holiday? I know I will give this a try on our next holiday. And I will post all about it again!

Instead of a towel, why not use a face cloth for a set of your jewelry, for example the necklace, bracelet and earrings. Or even the necklaces in one cloth and the bracelets in another… what ever works the best for you. Go ahead and try this out!

Was this hack helpful? Are you going to give it a try? Let us know your thoughts on travel or moving hacks in the comments.

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